We Service and Repair All Infiniti Cars

Infiniti is an automobile manufacturer known for producing luxurious sedans, crossovers and SUVs which combine luxury and styling with outstanding performance. Numerous publications such as Car and Driver, Motor Trend and other automotive journals consistently rank Infiniti models in the top ten of their best of the year categories.

When you purchase a vehicle such as an Infiniti, you are not only making the purchase based on performance and styling but reliability. While Infiniti models consistently rate high in reliability, over time, repairs and maintenance will become necessary.

When you need your Infiniti repairs in Anchorage AK, there is only one clear choice, Apex Auto Service. We use only the most advanced computer diagnostic equipment to find the issue and get your repairs done quickly using only the highest quality parts, all at competitive pricing.

Our technicians are true experts in auto repair, trained and experienced. That means that your technician will not be learning auto repair on your vehicle. We are well versed in working on all Infiniti models including:

  • Infiniti G Sedans
  • Infiniti G Coupes
  • IPL G Coupes
  • Infiniti G Convertibles
  • Infiniti M
  • Infiniti EX
  • Infiniti FX
  • Infiniti QX


Whether you need simple maintenance such as oil changes, transmission or cooling system service or even tire rotations we can do it all quickly and professionally so you can get back on the road. We can also handle all minor and major repairs including suspension repairs, brake repairs, repairs to the electrical system or engine repairs. You will receive a fair quote with no hidden fees or charges, from a team you can trust.